Customer service, flexibility and punctuality are the specific qualities of production companies like TELSAR, where communication is constant and synergies are not hampered by the typically rigid structures of large firms. The company is able to successfully cope with very different types of products, ranging from the building trade to sectors like eyewear that require cutting edge technology.


Our firm carefully focuses on its goals by comprehending future expectations and opportunities. It manages processes by developing standards and systems with its staff. Then, it determines and solves problems through these standards and systems. Our firm keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level through its problem-free production process and by this means, easily manages continuously competition conditions.


Our firm with its staff motivated through continuous training and life-long learning, presents its customers efficiency, high-quality and satisfaction by unifying written, oral and visual communication with corporate behaviors, getting its strength of sectoral leadership from its fundamental values and competence and developing its products through new technologies and environmental-consciousness.


The best of everything is success and the perfection is great success. As our firm aims to be successful not seemingly but actually, it gathers its staff from professionals with professional values who are honored to do their professions.